Get freelance work with Ad Agencies

Founder of multi-location agency Crew Marketing, Braden Douglas reveals strategic insight on how to get freelance work with Ad Agencies.

WHO IS BRADEN DOUGLAS? Braden Douglas is an industry-leading trailblazer delivering hard-hitting marketing and leadership advice to audiences around the world. He’s a branding expert and founder of Crew Marketing Partners—a marketing team for small to medium sized organizations.

Who better than the founder of an Advertisement Agency to walk you through the key elements of how to get freelance work at an Ad Agency? Braden Douglas explains how to get your foot in the door and then how to stay on their most valuable freelancer list.

Who this ECourse is for

  • Freelance Designers
  • Freelance Writers
  • Freelance Photographers
  • Freelance Film-Makers

What You will Learn

  • The structure of how ad agencies work
  • What ad agencies base their hiring on
  • How to approach ad agencies for work
  • What time of year is best for approaching ad agencies
  • Who the key people are to approach within the agency
  • How to sustain regular work with ad agencies

By the end of this course you will have an understanding of what Ad Agencies are looking for from freelancers and how you can get in the door, stay in the door, and continue to book work with them.

Customer Reviews

“Braden Douglas’ tutorial on approaching ad agencies was incredibly informative and practical. I feel better equipped as a creative artist to reach out to ad agencies specifically and market opportunities in general to connect in productive ways. ” – Christoph

“I think if you are a freelance creative at all interested in working with Ad Agencies, this is essential info to know before you embark on that relationship. Braden helps you know where you stand in the grand scheme of an agency’s radar, when and where they would need you.” – Anna

“Braden presents good insights to the inner workings of an ad agency, and practical tips for how freelancers can make connections, stay in touch, and get consistent work with them.” – Tim

“The information presented in this video is not only pertinent to those who are seeking ad agency work, but is also practical and potentially useful for those seeking to catch the eye of other potential employers.” – Diana


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Length: .33 hours

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Language: English

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