Pioneering at the intersection of education and technology

Our Vision

At HowWeMakeStuff our goal is simple—to remove the shroud of mystery surrounding creativity and innovation. To pull this off, we equip creative and industry leaders with Online Courses to sell to their own audiences.

What we do

We produce online courses with individuals who have been publicly acknowledged as creative experts. In addition, we seek to film with talent who innovate new solutions. We are available on a contract or partnership basis. Contact us to chat further.

Our Backstory

As a video industry director, David Vandas has talked shop with many industry leaders. In the hope of bottling up their ‘genius know-how’, Vandas launched HowWeMakeStuff. Now others can also learn this stuff.

Meet the Team

David Vandas

Founder, Director

David has extensive experience in video production. Producing and directing credits include work for Electronic Arts, Discovery Channel, Canada Tourism, Telus, Martha Stewart, Best Buy, Toyo Tires, and more. Catching a long train-ride down the west coast with a life changing audiobook is a favourite past-time for David.

We are grateful for the freelancers and friends who have contributed to the development of HowWeMakeStuff. Thank you to Jenn Co, Stephen Bau, Caleb Hansen, Corwin Hiebert, Mark Joseph, Garnet Campbell, Lawrence Ho, Jack Ong, Donna Cheung, Nouver Cheung, George Tkachenko, Ann Tkachenko, Tom Vandas, Nick Froese, Maverick Learmonth, Don McLeod, Jordan Radcliffe, Joe Tucker, Jesse Nilo, Anna Vandas, Esteban Contreras and Jill Cardwell.